Advertising Terms & Conditions


  1. Advertisements are accepted on the conditions that (a) descriptions relating to goods are accurate and in no way contravene the provisions of the Trade Dessciptions Act 1968, and the Fair Trading Act 1973, and (b) the copy complies with the British Code of Advertising Practice. Advertisements offering credit or hire facilities must confirm to the Consumer Credit (Advertisements) Regulators 1980.
  2. *Classified* Advertisers offering goods or service of a business,commercial or trade nature will, at the discretion of the publishers, “Trade Advertisers”, and such as, must include their names in  Advertisements. A telephone number is an optional addition to these requirements and not an alternative. To comply with the Business Advertisements (Disclosure) Order 1977, Trade advertisements must make it clear that they are selling goods in the course of business either by content,format,size,or place of the advertisment or by including words such as “trade”,”dealer”,”agent”,”wholesaler”,*(T)* etc in the advertisement.
  3. The Counties Network News Blog accepts no liability whatsoever for any loss or damage however caused arising from our Advertising on this site.
  4. The Counties Network News Blog reserves the right to reject an advertisment if in anyway we deem fit for publication.

For further imformation or wishing to place a advertisment, Contact

The Counties Network News Blog team:

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