About This Blog Site

How To Contribute:

This site has been created to help promote the many things that happen in the local borough area’s and counties of -Surrey Hampshire Berkshire Middlesex Hertfordshire London and sometimes a little further afield.

If you have an event, local news or anything that you would like to share and publicise or just want to tell as many people about, within reason. The Counties Network News Blog is a great way to do this, and its totally free, Yes Free.

As we want to encourage and achieve the growth of this blog site, there are a few rules you must please follow !

Guideline Rules:

The easier you make it for us at the news team to place things on this site,the more likely it is going to be published.

  1. Make sure if you are sending text,you send it in word 2007-2000 format. Make sure you have spell checked you document and that it is grammatically correct (errors take time to correct and it is unlikely it will not to be published). If you dont have word, we will accept the text in body form of a email.
  2. Your item is also more likely to be published if you include an image relating to the article. Please do not embed the image into word doc, as we at the news team like to format it ourselves. So make sure you attach an image separately to the word doc.
  3. If you are advertising an event poster advert, this is a great way to do this. Poster adverts are easy to place on this site and are less time consuming for our editors. We prefer posters to be either .jpeg or pdf and should be A2 in size, although we will accept A4.
  4. Please send your news articles in good time, as this will give us the chance to place your news on our site.
  5. The Counties Network News Blog reserves the right to not publish material.

All material for inclusion press releases, should be sent to the editorial team:


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