New Firefighting Truck Goes Operational At Camberley Fire Station…

4882109The new 4×4 unimog all terrain vehicle at camberley fire station with surrey police

4882110The 4×4 unimog vehicle can carry 5000 litres of water and 200 litres of firefighting foam

A new fire and rescue 4×4 unimog truck dedidcated to tackling heathland wildfire has been launched at camberley fire station.

Neil Owen, Fire Station Manager at camberley fire station, said: “Surreyheath has a considerable amount of vulnerable heathland and these areas are at risk of wildfires espescially during the warm months, with its off road capabililties, the new vechile will enhance the emergency response to incidentd in place that would usually be difficult to access by a normal fire engine.

“Several fire fighters have been trained to use the vehicle, including exercises on local heathland, and the crew said they was very pleased of its capabililties.”

The vehicle was launched by Surrey Fire and Rescue Service. They were joined by Surrey Police whome they are working with to help combat the risk of heathland fires, some are accidental and some recent fires in the borough have been maliciously ignited.

Surreyheath Safer Neighbourhood Team together with Surrey fire and Rescue are working together to tackle these issues, including through raising awareness, education, joint enforcement patrols and training.


“Police urge people to alert them to any incidents or suspecious activity on the heathland and vulnerable areas as early as possible by calling 999.”

 …Malicious Ignited Fires Spoil Our Heathland, Wildlife and Put Peoples Lives In Danger and At Risk…

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