W.A.D.A – World Airline Darts Association Championships – Saturday 2nd March 2013 – BA Clubs London…


On Saturday 2nd March 2013, saw the W.A.D.A  (World Airline Darts Association) championships take place at the British Airways Concorde Club  near Heathrow London, a event that has been run since 1980, and will be held back at the BA Clubs London in 2014.

Teams from British Airways, Aer Lingus, Finnar, challenged eachother in the Singles, Team Doubles and Inter-Team (W.A.D.A) darts competition throughout the two days it was held.

To tell you a little more about W.A.D.A  and how this event is held every year! Here is a short video interview with Tom Firth (club secretary of W.A.D.A)


Click here to view http://youtu.be/yuWRxwgBlvM


…The Teams…

Team Aer Lingus



Team Finnair



Team British Airways A & B



Team British Airways C

DSCF3306 Over the two day tournament, a great display of darts were thrown by all teams competing, and the competion was extremly high as it has always been in previous years, as a few 180s were bedded in the red. 

…W.A.D.A  Championship Results London 2013… 

Winning Team 

Aer Lingus

 Runners Up – Finnair

Winner of the Singles 

Eamonn Redmond (Aer Lingus)

 Runner Up – Kibi (British Airways)

Winners of the Double Cup

Steven Firth  &  Eamonn Redmond (Aer Lingus)

 Runners Up – Major  &  Peter Burrows (British Airways)

Winners of the Doubles Plate

 Pasi  &  Jasu

Runners Up – Greg Irvine & Graham Atkins

Highest Checkout

Paul Brier  –  126


Steven Firth, Dave Molloy, Eamonn Redmond,

Major, Derek McFarland

Cowboy Trophy

Graham Atkins


 To watch the video of the  W.A.D.A  Darts Championship Tournament London 2013

 Click here to view  http://youtu.be/OUn32iHvE4gDSCF3412


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