Protest Rally March Organised To – Save The Tumbledown Dick Pub & Live Music Venue Farnborough Hants – Saturday 9th March 2013…


Campaigners of Save The Tumbledown Dick Pub & Live Music Venue Farnborough Hants, are holding a public rally march and demonstration on Saturday 9th March 2013, to try and stop and save this historic building dating back to the 1700’s into a McDonalds.

The starting point of this peaceful protest and march will start at the Tumbledown Dick Pub Farnborough at 1.00pm, and will march up the Farnborough Road, ending with a protest outside McDonalds at Farnborough Gate.

Organisers are asking people to bring their voices, placards, signs, whistles, megaphones and all your friends as they are looking for as many people to attend as possible.

Note * This Event will be Policed, and their will be a Clear Presence of Police on this event as well as stewards.

Note * Organisers have said! That if you bring your children to this event, Remember their safety and that they are your responsibilty.

If you wish to show your support at this peaceful protest march event! more info can be found at Twitter – @SaveTumbledown  or on Facebook – Save the Tumbledown Dick Pub & Live Music venue



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