Three Times BDO World Champion Martin Adams “Wolfie” Knocked Out At The BDO World Championships 2013 At The Lakeside Country Club Frimley Green,Camberley,Surrey


Three- time Martin Adam’s “Wolfie” Became the latest big name to be knocked out of the BDO World Championships after loosing 3-2 to Dutch tennager Jimmy Hendriks at the Lakeside Country Club Frimley Green, Camberley, Surrey and having the Hendriks experience.

52-year-old Adam’s who won the Lakeside titles in 2007, 2010 and 2011, struggled with his doubles. Teenager Hendriks took the first set before second seed Adam’s levelled the match.

The 18-year-old debutant went 2-1 ahead and with Adam’s failing to find his doubles, the dutch player capitalised to secure a place in the second round.

Adam’s exit means that all the former champions who started the tournament have already been knocked out, which will mean a new name on the trophey for this year

With Hendriks win over Adam’s, the crowd raised the roof with chants that sang out ‘There’s only 2 Jimmy Hendriks’

Jimmy Hendriks the 18-year-old dutchman maybe the one to watch and follow this year. Great Young Talent for the future of darts.

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