Make Sure You Guard Your Home Against Burglars Over This Festive Period

police car

The Police are warning people to protect their homes against burglars over the festive holiday period.



Burglars still operate and are ofter looking for visible opportunities to take advantage of, such homes that look unoccupied or packaging left by bins or in them, which suggests new replacements are inside.

As market conditions have changed, so have the items most desired by burglars, which now includes jewellery, cash and high value items such as smartphones, laptops and tablet computers that can be sold on, rather than bulkier items with less value.

Burglary is a horrible crime which often leaves victims feeling scared and vulnerable in their own homes.

If stolen items are not insured, the financial loss of burglary can also increase the emotional strain. A burglary over the festive period can be prevented in the most effective way by simply securing property properly and removing high-value items from view.

Other tips include using free websites such as to register items of value; disposing of packaging carefully; not keeping large amounts of cash at home; and ensuring all doors, windows and access points are locked, and informing neighbours/friends if your away. Always remember to leave a light/lights on by using timers.


Dont Be A Victim of Burglary

Note:-  Dont Forget To Check Your Smoke Alarms As Well, They Can Save You Life

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