A Great Sunday Walk For Walkers, Dog Walkers & Wildlife Lovers

This weekend i took a stroll around the county of South Buckinghamshire taking in the sites along this fantastic walk around Dorney, The Dorney Wetlands and The Jubilee River.

The Distance of this walk is around 7.5 miles (12.07km) through some hard muddy terrain, but this was due to the wet weather we had experienced.

The Jubilee River – is a seven-mile-long man made flood channel that was constructed by the Enviroment Agency and opened in 2002. Running between Maindenhead and Windsor it provides a haven for fish, birds and people. Highlights include the ‘Dorney Wetlands’ an area specially created to provide a superb breeding and feeding habitat for many bird species, and can be seen in the video blog at the bottom of this this page.

Attractions Along This Route:

Dorney Court And Englands First Pineapple located in Buckinghamshire’s most Southerly Village, close to the Thames, Dorney Court prides itself on being a genuine medieval village manor house.

Motorways and modern housing estates grow ever closer, but the grade I listed house with its jumble of timber-framed gables has survived intact and unchanged for almost 600 years, looking much the same today as when it was first built.

Fruit and Honey:

The village of Dorney stands on a gentle rise in the Thames flood plain and is cut off from the river by spacious meadows where evidence of prehistoric life can be found.

The name Dorney Court honey means ‘Island of Bumblebees’ and local Dorney Court honey is renowned for its delicate, light flavours.

But it is not just honey for which the house is justly famous. The large carved stone pineapple standing in the corner of the great hall commemorates the first pineapple to be grown in England.

The storey suggests that the top of a pineapple, immported from Barbados, was sliced off at a dinner in the city of London and given to the Earl of Castlemaine’s gardener to plant at Dorney Court. The pineapple thrived and was subsequently presented to Charles II in 1661. Nobody can be sure if it really happened but it makes a good storey.

After visiting Dorney Court take a look at the church of St James the Less at Dorney, which dates from the 13th century. Note the norman font, the 17th century gallery, the garrard tomb and the porch that was built in 1661 to celebrate the birth of Lady Ann Palmer.

What Else To Look Out For:

The chapel of St Mary Magdalen has been a place of worship since before the Norman conquest. Parts of it date back to the 12th and 13th centuries.

Distance of this Route i took: 7.5 miles (12.07km)

Ascent/Gradient: Negligible

Level of Difficulty:  *  out of 3*

Paths: Roads, firm paths, Thames tow paths, Stiles, Grass, Fields/Paths

Landscape: Lowland Thames Valley

Dog Friendliness: On lead in Dorney and under control by the Thames & The Jubilee River

Parking: Large carpark in Dorney Common or near the Pineapple Pub.

Public Toilets: None en route

Good Pubs & Food:

The Pineapple (Dog Friendly) www.pineappledorney.co.uk

The Palmer arms www.palmerarms.com

This Walk is Suitable for any reasonably fit person.

Click the link below to see this Great Sunday Walk well worth doing.

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