10 Top Tips For Safe Dog Walking In The Dark Now The Clocks Have Changed

Now the clocks have gone back last sunday (28th october) and British Summer Time has officially ended, this means that millions of dog owners in the uk will likely be walking their dogs in the dark before or after work.

Reported road causualty statistics from the Department for Transport for 2011 show that there is an 18 per cent rise during the winter months in the number of reported pedestrians killed or seriously injured in road accidents.

10 Tips For Safe Dog Walking    Here is the following advice for dog owners and dog walkers :

  1. Keep Control of your dog and don’t let them off the lead unless you are in a Safe Area which is well lit.
  2. Consider Wearing high visibility clothing such as jackets, vests or reflective strips on your clothes so you can be easily seen by motorists.
  3. A Reflective collar and lead or a high visibility coat or flashing collar will also increase your dog’s visibility in the dark.
  4. Perhaps work out a winter dog walking route which, in urban area’s, include both pavements and street lighting.
  5. If there is no pavement, walk against the flow of the traffic and keep your dog on the side farthest from the road.
  6. Carry a torch which will help you be seen and also enable you to see to pick up your dog’s mess. Or, consider a head torch so your hands are free.
  7. Walking in groups can be safer than on your on.
  8. If possible, take your dog in the car to a place where you can walk away from the roadside.
  9. Many parks and sport fields have lighting but always check that dogs are allowed first.
  10. Make sure your dog is well trained and responsible to commands.

Remember Please Keep Yourself & Dog Safe By Following These Useful 10 Top Tips Ive Posted

Happy Dog Walking Everyone

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