Surrey County Council Stockpiles Salt Ready For Winter 2012/2013

Salt stocks have swelled to 16,000 tons as Surrey County Council prepares to tackle Ice and Snow this winter.

The stockpile is double the salt needed in an average Surrey Winter and 40% more than was used to keep the county moving last season.

The huge heap is also more than enough to see Surrey through a winter similar to 2010/11, which gripped Britain with the worst weather for more than 30 years.

John Furey, Surrey County Council’s Cabinet Member for Transport and Environment, said: “We have more than enough salt to see us through an average winter, with enough spare to deal with bouts of very severe weather. On top of this, our stocks will now be replenished as we use them, which all adds up to Surrey being better prepared than ever to take Ice and Snow this winter.

We will be working around the clock to keep Surrey moving, but the reality is we can’t treat every road in Surrey. This is why we’re working with farmers, district and borough councils and asking residents to play their part in helping to tackle Ice and Snow.”

Last winter the county council treated an extra 107 miles of road and this will continue this winter. A review of gritting routes has left to improvements which means the council’s 39 gritting lorries can spend more time treating roads and less time travelling to and from depots to pick up salt.

An army of 51 farmers will support the winter operation by clearing roads in more rural area’s.

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