A Great Book Read – A Family in Wartime and how the Second World War shaped the lives of a generation

If you like a good interesting history book, then is a great read for those whole like to explore the trials, tribulations and jubilations experienced by the British public between 1935-1945.

It disscusses many aspects of family life in wartime, such as evacuation, concscription, air raids, rationing and ‘make do mend’

If you have been following Wartime Farm on tv, then this book is a great read and one for the book shelve for later referance.

The 1940s in Britain was a period in many ways a differant country from what we know today. It was a more colourful age : trolley buses, trams and steam trains; tradesmen calling at the house, some still with horse-drawn vehicles.

The 1940s was an age of politeness, civility and honesty and front doors left open. A more sociable world, television having not yet excerted it’s powerful influence. Most families had a ‘wireless’ and apart from that, people made their own amusements.

This well written interesting, facinating book covers things like! A State of War, Leave the Children Where They Are, Go To It! , The Blitz, After The Raid, What Are We Fighting For? , Food, a Munition of War, War-winning Fashion, Under The Counter and Off the Back of a Lorry, Doodlebugs and Rockets, Family Reunions.

Costs Around – £20.00

Written By – Maureen Waller

Published By – Conway

Format – Hard Back

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