Fleetwood Bac

Last night friday 1st june Saw the Fleetwood Bac, the Worlds first and best Tribute Band endorsed by Mick Fleetwood

himself, perform there “Rumours” show at the British Airways Concorde Club Heathrow. With a packed house full of fleetwood mac fans singing and dancing to this fantastic Tribute Band, a great night was had by all. During the evening their was a charity raffle in aid of “The Variety Club ” with superb prizes on offer. Pictured above was the winner Corrine O’Shea with the variety club raffle organizer Tony Furzer of the 1st prize draw. Corrine won a trip to New York for two, and on speaking with her and her husband, she told us that in november it will be their 4oth wedding anniversary. Corrine explained that she had never been to New York before, and now winning this prize they can celebrate their anniversary in style and maybe taking in a cruise as well.

If you would like to find out more imformation on the events,sports or becoming a member of the British Airways Concorde club, visit www.baclubs.com

For more imformation on how you can help and support The Variety Club the childrens charity or make a donation, visit www.variety.org.uk

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